Tenth Power offers a total solution for a successful
self-publishing experience.

Tenth Power is passionate about empowering worthy causes, ministries, and organizations. We help authors produce a superior product and enjoy a successful self-publishing experience from start to finish. We help authors harness the power of their book to multiply their impact. It’s never been easier for you to get your book published. You can release your manuscript as an e-book, printed book, or both. You will have to decide if you want to do it yourself or find some help. Here are your three main options.


Today, you truly can do it yourself. You can upload your Microsoft Word document to a service such as Smashwords to make your e-book available to the world. Or you can upload a pdf file to a print-on-demand provider and purchase small quantities of your print book as you need them. Some offer templates online for making the cover. This is the least expensive option.

Assisted Self-Publishers

These are companies that do the technical work of self-publishing for you. They can edit, proofread, and typeset your manuscript and design the cover. They make your book available through a print-on-demand provider and make your book and e-book available through major retail channels. Each company has a system, and you have to fit into their system.

Professional Book Producers

These companies leverage their years of experience producing books for traditional publishing houses for the retail market into producing a self-published book for you. They craft a customized solution, while leaving the author in control of all phases of the process. Unlike assisted self-publishers, you receive 100% of all royalties paid out. These providers deliver the highest level of quality.

Tenth Power falls into this third category. We provide a total solution for authors who their want book to have the highest quality of editing, typesetting, design, and proofreading. We also coach you on writing the manuscript and help you develop a customized marketing strategy to maximize sales. Our goal is to empower you as the self-published author.

What makes us unique and valuable to you?
  • Author coaching
  • Manuscript development
  • Title and cover market testing
  • Marketing strategy
  • No hidden fees
  • 100% royalties on all sales!
Want to know more?

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