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Published Date: July 11, 2020

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A real-life picture of urban ministry

This inspiring collection of essays, told from the heart 
of a pastor with over 30 years in urban ministry, 
will make you think and challenge you.

A Place Not Forgotten is for anyone in ministry, no matter where God has placed you. It’s written with urban ministry workers in mind—and all those with a passion to partner in urban work. Each story is a powerful reminder of what can happen when Christ’s followers come together to love people in audacious ways and point them to the Savior! Readers will find strength from God’s promises throughout the book, as well as creative ideas, ministry approaches, and practical advice often learned the hard way over 30 years in the same community. Each essay will:

  • Remind you you’re not alone 
  • Challenge you to rethink struggles in new ways  
  • Stimulate you to be sensitive to fresh ministry directions from the Holy Spirit
  • Equip you to better understand, shepherd, and develop people
  • Inspire potential partners to support urban ministry

Told in an unconventional way using the authentic voice of the author, this conversational tool is full of convincing proof that bringing Jesus to people in the city is well worth the hard work!

John R. Schmidtke

John R. Schmidtke has served as pastor of Bethlehem Lutheran Church in St. Louis, Missouri, for over 30 years. As part of his ministry, he also serves as a spiritual entrepreneur, composer, and urban ministry innovator. John and his wife, Sharon, enjoy spending time with the families of their four adult children, including six grandchildren.

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