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Published Date: August 22, 2020

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Ministry that matters and a life well-lived result from lots of the small, right things
done well over a long time.

That’s the well-worn path toward significance.

This inspiring collection of essays, told from the heart 
of a pastor with over 30 years in urban ministry, 
will make you think and challenge you.

This book is a series of essays originally written as weekly letters to pastors and fellow leaders of “normal-size” churches or congregations. Each chapter has practical, highly readable, and Biblically-based insights that resonate with leaders of any size church. Learn not only how to properly manage core issues of character, habit, and organization but also how to avoid stumbling blocks and increase the significance of ministry. Instead of providing a silver bullet
to propel your ministry forward, the author encourages a steady focus on:

  • Proclaiming Jesus joyfully
  • Reading God’s word persistently
  • Praying aggressively
  • Living faithfully
  • Loving impartially
  • Tinkering relentlessly

Designed with a built-in Conversation Guide, the book models how pastors can engage in healthy dialogue with congregational leaders about matters of significance.

David A. Davis

“Dave” David A. Davis has been a pastor over 35 years. Along the way, he has planted churches, initiated ministries, and worked in cross-cultural ministry and other leadership roles. When he’s not devoting his time to thinking, encouraging healthy pastors, and teaching the ins and outs of governance, he plays a little tuba and not very good golf. He and his wife, Sallie, have four daughters and two granddaughters.

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