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Published Date: April 5, 2021

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This book goes right to the heart—the heart of the missional problem—and offers a powerful solution.

God’s Sending is a call to join Him in something beyond self, beyond a congregation, and beyond a denomination.
God is calling us to much more.
His Great Sending is His heartbeat for the world that He wants beating in and through you.

Readers will learn to re-arrange their understanding of Scripture and life around God’s Mission…no longer arranging God’s Mission around their self-centered lives. Each chapter in this collection of writings from renowned authors connects God’s heart to your own through a deep dive into Scripture. The Great Sending will begin new conversations in the church around the Great Sending (Missio Dei) and lead laity, congregations, and pastors to let God change the direction of local churches that are collapsing under protectionism and self-preservation.

The Great Sending is about opening up to God’s heart for the world.
Let this book challenge you and call you to see God’s Mission and move your life to join God in the Mission.

Rev. Dr. Wilbert J. Sohns

Rev. Dr. Wilbert J. Sohns, General Editor, has worked with congregations, church planters, and the International Lutheran Laymen’s League (Lutheran Hour Ministries). He also served as chair of the LCMS Board for Missions and district president of the Wyoming District of the LCMS. Today he continues to provide counsel to district presidents, mission organizations, congregations, and church planters. He is a graduate of Concordia Seminary St. Louis.
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