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Published Date: April 19, 2024

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Witness Beyond Borders

A handbook enriched with practical insights and methods to respond to the Lord’s calling beyond everyday routines

Witness Beyond Borders invites all believers to embark on a transformative missional journey transcending borders and cultures to reach the world for Christ. It provides methodological approaches to forge enduring partnerships with immigrant Christians and the second generation. The author’s own unique journey, which began in Ethiopia and spanned three continents, infuses each chapter with practical insights and real-life stories of how God works. Grounded in biblical principles, the book provides fresh perspective on powerful partnership possibilities between the Global North and Global South. Each chapter includes specific outreach methods, strategic processes, discussion questions, and self-assessment tools.

The reader will learn how to:

  • Develop a renewed vision for collaborative mission
  • Use adaptive practical outreach and engagement ideas
  • Turn outreach constraints into opportunities
  • Embrace sustainable kingdom growth
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    Yared Halche

    Yared Halche, Ph.D., currently serves as Executive Director of Witness in the Southeastern District of the LCMS overseeing new mission initiatives in Maryland, Washington D.C, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Delaware, and some surrounding counties.

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