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Published Date: June 23, 2023

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The Sound of God Breathing

After a husband loses his wife to cancer, his personal experience with grief becomes a source of help and healing to others.

Through his own difficult journey of loss, Don discovers God breathing life into him again. This deeply personal book reveals how to:

  • Reflect on and understand your own grieving
  • Trust that God loves, accepts, supports and accompanies you through grief
  • Learn to smile and laugh again—and not feel guilty

It is not a how-to book and does not offer “paradigms” or “stages” to work through. However, it does show an alternative to the ambiguous concept of closure after losing a loved one. In conversational style as though sitting together over coffee, the author walks through questions like:

How do I define myself now?
Do I have a future, and what is it?
How can faith become my constant resource?
How do I stop comparing myself to others who grieve or models for
grieving that do not work for me?

The book is a refreshing conversation with the author and the Lord about how to regain a future and hope by hearing God breathing—for you and with you—in everyday life.


Don Shatz

Don Schatz is a retired Lutheran Pastor and is involved in ministries focused on intentional spiritual practices that help people love and serve God—while loving and serving the community. Don enjoys doing life with his children and grandchildren. Reading, writing, gardening, hiking, friends and a nice glass of wine round things out.

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