Joining Jesus on His Mission




Joining Jesus on His Mission

Greg Finke


Are you ready to go beyond living your life for Jesus to living life with Jesus?
Joining Jesus on His Mission will alter the way you see your life as a follower of Jesus.
Simple, powerful and applicable insights show you how to be on mission and recognize where Jesus is already at work in your neighborhoods, workplaces and schools.

Learn how:

  •     •  To join Jesus on his mission
  •     •  To be a Jesus-follower instead of a Jesus-salesperson
  •     •  To recognize the mission work that is within your reach
  •     •  To put it all into practice in your everyday life outside of church

You will feel both relief and hope. You may even hear yourself say, “I can do this!” as you start responding to the everyday opportunities he is placing in your path.




Greg and Susan Finke

“Greg[dropcap]G[/dropcap]reg and Susan Finke founded Dwelling 1:14 to help Jesus-followers connect in their neighborhoods, workplaces and schools for discipling and missional living. They offer coaching, consulting and training experiences for congregations and their leaders for discipling, living missionally and multiplying missional communities. Greg and Susan enjoy life as neighborhood missionaries in League City, Texas.

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Praise for Joining Jesus on His Mission

“Greg Finke has modeled rare courage on his own life journey.  Now you can benefit. Don’t hesitate to learn from the practical experience and true grit of this missional pioneer!”
Will Mancini, Founder of Auxano; author of Church Unique

“Whenever people invite me onto a journey, I want to know if they are familiar with where we are going.  Greg Finke knows the lay of the land in terms of moving into missionary mode as a Jesus-follower.  When he talks about joining the mission of Jesus, he’s done it.  Because of that, his is a trusted trail guide’s voice.  Listen to him.  Better yet, join him!”
Reggie McNeal, best-selling author of The Present Future and Missional Renaissance

“Greg Finke gets it. If you’re going to lead people — lots of people — to follow Jesus, you need a method that is simple but powerful, true to God’s Word but translated into the vernacular.  That’s the power behind Greg’s ministry and the power behind this book.”
Bill Woolsey, Senior Pastor, CrossPoint Community Church; Founding Leader, FiveTwo Network

“I have the highest regard for Greg Finke and his book Joining Jesus on His Mission. In it he has provided clear, simple, and highly effective practices that guide us as we seek to learn to live missionally. I highly commend his work to you.”
Jim Herrington, Founding Director, Mission Houston; Team Leader, Faithwalking; author of The Leader’s Journey

“This book is incredible! Greg’s revelation on reaching the world for Christ is refreshing, relieving and invigorating. He shows us how to follow Jesus and get beyond all the thinking that can paralyze us and suck the joy out of our calling.”
Sarah Guldalian, Producer of Evangelism Training, Lutheran Hour Ministries

“If I were to recommend one book that invites people into the mission of God, this would be it! Practical! Playful! Powerful! Greg is a master at helping people simply start!”
Dr. Jock Ficken, Executive Leader, Pastoral Leadership Institute

“Wherever I travel in America I find Christians and their churches in desperate need of a reliable “road map” to help them navigate our post-churched terrain. Joining Jesus on His Mission hits the mark. A must read for mission minded Christians!”
Dr. Robert Newton, President, California-Nevada-Hawaii District, LCMS

“Greg hits it out of the park with Joining Jesus on His Mission. This book is not about understanding the theory of missions. It is a launching pad for you to actually join Jesus on His mission.”
Rev. Gary Faith, Executive for Parish Ministries, Southern District, LCMS

Joining Jesus on His Mission is excellent. Simple, powerful, practical, applicable.  This is a great tool for helping believers join Jesus on His mission. I had several Kairos moments as I read.  Greg’s insights alter the way we see mission.”
Al Doering, Senior Pastor, Houston; 3DM Frontier Leader

“With all the approaches for neighborhood ministry available today the simple barometer for me is this: would I actually use this in my neighborhood? After all, I have to live with these people! Greg Finke’s approach is one I can use in my neighborhood. He has developed a missional tool that works in the culture in which I live.”
Dr. John Denninger, President, Southeastern District, LCMS

“Greg has a wonderful way of taking the fear and apprehension out of missional living. He has simplified what seems complex and, with his engaging style, quickly invites readers to say, “I can do this!” With real life examples and solid Biblical theology this is an excellent contribution from a missional practitioner and leader and a powerful teaching tool for those involved in missional communities.”
Dr. Peter Meier, Executive Director, Center for United States Missions

“Adventure!  Most people love a good one. But, truth be told, they would rather watch it in the comfort of their own living room than actually experience it in real life.  Good news!  Greg Finke demonstrates how anyone, no matter how unadventuresome, can join Jesus on the most exciting mission field in the world.  And we don’t even have to leave our own neighborhood to do it!”
Dr. Terry Tieman, Executive Director, Transforming Churches Network

“What Greg has brought together in these pages is an intensely practical and deeply passionate exploration of what it means to join Jesus in his work of loving and saving the world. For those looking to saturate their day-to-day life with mission and meaning Joining Jesus is essential reading.”
Matt Popovits, Pastor/Planter, Our Saviour, New York City

“Relational, invitational, conversational, missional – all wrapped up in this challenging and practical book. Greg Finke will help us move from thinking about being a missionary to actually being one.”
Dr. Bruce Hartung, Professor, Practical Theology, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis; Author, Holding Up the Prophet’s Hand

“Greg Finke’s Scripture-based missional concepts and practices, while steeped in truth and careful thought, are presented simply and are accessible to readers of all ages and Christian experience. From the first chapter readers know Greg is their friend and fellow learner. He is the trusted coach that can lead us to habits that are effective for the world in which we now find ourselves.”
Dr. Gary Roberts, Executive Director, Missional Mind, Minneapolis

“So, last evening I intended to merely skim the book, but I found “Joining Jesus on His Mission” to be so insightful and relevant to my own life that before I knew it, I had read from beginning to end.”
Dr. Kurt Senske, CEO, Lutheran Social Services of the South; author, The Calling: Live a Life of Significance

“Thank you, Greg, for such a simple, practical and action-oriented guide to sharing Jesus with those around us. I hope that all Christians would learn to adopt this mission mindset and practice of Jesus.”
Mark Junkans, Executive Director, LINC Houston

“I couldn’t put Greg Finke’s book down! His seminal discovery of “working with Jesus rather than working for Jesus,” removes so much of the agony, anxiety, and legalism in sharing the story of God’s love in Christ Jesus. Small groups have a treasure in Joining Jesus on His Mission.  Each short chapter is chock-full of nuggets that feed you but are rich with Greg’s easy-going, conversational personality.”
Mark Frith, Assistant to the President for Mission, Kansas District, LCMS

“This is the last book you need to read about missional communities. Not because Greg Finke has written everything there is to say about becoming a neighborhood missionary, but because he gives us enough information and motivation to get started.”
Rev. Jeffrey B. Stephens, D. Min., Director of Ministry Resources, Ohio District, LCMS

“Gleaning the best from the Missional Communities movement, Greg Finke helps readers to take practical steps in joining Jesus on His mission.  Highly recommended for individuals looking for practical ways to put their faith into action, small groups wanting to engage their community, or congregations recognizing that in today’s world, every member is a missionary.”
Rev. Jeff Thormodson, Director of MissionShift Institute, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis MO.

“Having recently served at a denominational seminary wherein the culture constantly puts a premium on “knowing,” and “studying,” it is refreshing to read something like, Joining Jesus on His Mission. Greg Finke actually helps the people of God move out into their post-church contexts and BE the church in compelling and winsome ways.”
Dr. William Utech, Assistant to the District President for Missions, Minnesota South District, LCMS

“Reading this book will not get you to live a Missional Lifestyle.  Experimenting with the practices and principles Greg articulates in this book will.  Get some friends together and use this helpful tool to guide your experimenting.”
Jeff Meyer, Lead Pastor of the Church, Madison, WI; Navigator, Auxano

“Greg’s book eliminates our common excuses and reminds us that “doing accelerates understanding.” Joining Jesus on His Mission will change your view of your neighborhood, coworkers and friends.”
Dr. Jacob Youmans, Director, DCE Program, Concordia University Texas

“Greg’s winsome manner in person translates effortlessly into this one-of-a-kind book.  Part field journal, part inspiration — Joining Jesus is a pleasure to read, and an even greater pleasure to practice.  Greg makes “missional” something each of us can do.”
Dust Kunkel, Mission Facilitator, Northwest District, LCMS

“While many have written about both missional living and missional communities, Greg Finke has created a practical and simple means of accessing them for people who are aching to live as a part of the redemptive mission of Jesus.”
Paul Krentz, Mission and Ministry Facilitator, Texas District, LCMS

“Greg Finke presents us with a refreshing and energizing new paradigm for bringing the love of Jesus to the people with whom we daily live and work. Thank you, Greg, for this extremely practical and empowering picture of God’s activity in our world today and how He is calling us into it.”
Rev. Paul Linnemann, President, Northwest District – LCMS

“Real-time “missional story” is entwined throughout the chapters of this short but insightful read. I found myself empowered and equipped with the simplicity of living a missional life in my community.”
Mike Lange, New Missions Counselor, California-Nevada-Hawaii District, LCMS

“Joining Jesus is an invaluable resource for developing a missional lifestyle in the community. Greg gently draws us into a new way of thinking about our faith life by taking us back to original relationship-centric roots of being a disciple.”
Todd Jones, Director of Resident Field Education, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

“Greg reaches into the reader’s heart and engages them with a strong biblical foundation, warms them with personal stories, and challenges them with the heart of a pastor.”
Rev. Tim Klinkenberg, St. Johns, Orange, CA

“Greg Finke’s short, concise, how-to book on “Joining Jesus on His Mission” is a great read for anyone who desires the regular, day-to-day people they meet in the world to know Jesus.”
Rev. Paul Mueller, PhD Missiology; Executive Director, Center for Applied Lutheran Leadership, Portland, Oregon