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Published Date: August 2, 2021

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Leadership That Starts with the Heart

Busy executives sometimes promote individuals into leadership positions without time to share expectations or reinforce the importance of organizational leadership. What integral components help leaders achieve a successful, lasting impact? How can we support these at the heart of leadership?

This book focuses on 8 Rungs of Leadership for leaders moving up the corporate ladder, including: your best fit in the business world, expectations of continual learning, interacting with people, commitment, innovation, and strategy. Each Rung of Leadership helps those considering a new leadership role or promotion to:

  • Understand key components of the positive, long-term impact of true leadership
  • Determine if leadership is right for them
  • Weigh the cost of assuming a leadership role
  • Work from a plan with focus and discipline, commitment, innovation, and strategy
  • Bonus group discussion questions at the end of each chapter are included to personalize learning.

    Dr. Rodney D. Reider

    Dr. Rodney D. Reider has lived throughout the U.S and overseas studying, working, and leading to improve care around the world. As a CEO guiding billion-dollar healthcare organizations and working with multiple start-ups and private equity, Rodney inspires better leaders to provide a powerfully positive presence for the highest level of care possible.
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