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Published Date: May 11, 2022

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Ask and Listen rather than Sell and Tell

New and seasoned consultants can learn a more effective approach to leader and organizational development based on listening, helping, and learning. Rather than selling expertise to fix a problem, create results by practicing the Twelve Core Competencies of Process Consulting.

  • Understand the methods of architectural listening
  • Utilize Client-centered helping
  • Practice learning for posterity

The Twelve Core Competencies lead to a greater ability to design and facilitate process and were developed by the Society for Process Consulting—which offers a professional credential in this developing field. Hone the craft of walking alongside a Client as you learn to distinguish Process Consulting from other forms of advisory help, implement its advantages, and become a more competent Process Consultant. As a bonus, this book also provides practical tools and examples using expert case studies that encourage ongoing conversation and group learning.

Mark L. Vincent

Mark L. Vincent is an Executive Advisor and Facilitator for Maestro-level leaders and is the founder of Design Group International and the Society for Process Consulting. Walking alongside organizations and leaders for 30-plus years, he has developed successful initiatives with over 800 domestic and international clients. Mark can often be found having earnest conversations inside the coffee shops of Eastern Wisconsin and Boise, Idaho.
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