Published Date: May 11, 2023

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The Art of Spiritual Warfare

Why is this happening to me? I’m trying to follow Jesus, but I feel as if I’m in a war.

Every believer is on the front line of spiritual warfare. Yet many are missing a Bible-based understanding of how spiritual warfare affects them in everyday life. In a world that increasingly denies God’s truth, believers misunderstand—or don’t know—their role in spiritual battles. Now is the time to prepare, train, and fight.

When an unlikely friendship formed between a retired Army Colonel and a pastor, they compared their own experiences in field battles and spiritual battles. The result was not only a lasting friendship but also a practical book about faith and life that is anchored by timeless truths in Scripture and the ancient principles of military warfare still taught today in the U.S. military. Their book will equip you to prepare for, train, and engage in unseen spiritual battles unfolding around you and includes:

  • How to be more aware of spiritual battles taking place
  • Key Biblical truths about spiritual warfare every believer should know
  • Assurance and hope that God’s victory through Christ is yours
  • Ways to identify personal vulnerabilities and develop appropriate spiritual warfare tactics


Gerry Harrow

Gerry Harrow became an ordained Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Pastor after leaving the corporate world. He has a lifelong interest in using Biblical truths about the spiritual realm to understand his real-life experience with spiritual warfare and help others do the same. He and his Wife, Sara, have lived throughout the U.S. and now call Texas home.

John Leffers

John Leffers is a retired U.S. Army officer with two combat tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. His passion for military history is inspiring, and he is also actively involved in his church and community helping others grow in their faith. He and his Wife, Ann, enjoy life together in Central Texas.

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